An introduction to R with applications to biology


This course will introduce you to data analysis with the R language. It is directed to researchers and graduate students with no knowledge or a starting knowledge of R. Course attendants will learn how to: 1) install and run R in your computer (Linux, Mac or PC), working with different text editors (Emacs and RStudio); 2) install different packages related to your own work; 3) work with objects and data frames; 4) write scripts with R; 5) import data from other programs (i.e XL); 6) work with dates; 7) perform basic statistical analysis and modeling with R; and 8) plot basic graphs with R.

Programme information: 

  • Monday (4 hours theory + 2 hours practical) Introduction to R. Installing R. Emacs or RStudio. The editor, the console and the graphical environment on R. Simple plots in R. The help in R. Online resources. R objects. Working with vectors. Some examples. Data frames. Some examples. Import files from other programs (XL,…)
  • Tuesday (4 hours theory + 2 hours practical). Functions in R. Introduction to statistics in R. Mean, standard deviation, standard error, some basic statistics tests in R. Data transformation.
  • Wednesday (4 hours theory + 2 hours practical) Linear regression models in R. Quartile regression. Multiple regression models. Paired T-tests. ANOVA, ANCOVA.
  • Thursday. (4 hours theory + 2 hours practical) Hands-on data I, working with your own data. Hands on data II, plotting your own data. (Note: We will provide you with data if you don't have your own)
  • Friday (4 hours theory + 2 hours practical). Bioconductor and other tools in R for molecular biology..

Past course editions: 

2015 - Spring January
2015 - Fall September
2016 - Spring February

Number of hours: 



English. The course could be taught also in Catalan or Spanish if all attendants agree.

Course dates: 

Monday, March 13, 2017 to Friday, March 17, 2017


9:00-12:30 h 14:00-17:30 h


Institut de Ciències del Mar

Maximum number of places: 


Lab or field work description: 

If you have own databases to work with, please bring them to the course. You will be using them in the practical sessions.

Special requirements: 

No special background is needed, but it would be preferable to have a minimum statistical knowledge (i.e. an introductory course during your BSc.)

Laptop or notebook computer: Linux, Mac and PC are all welcomed.

Contact for further information: 

For additional information, please check our Contact section or get in contact directly with the Lecturer of this course.


Full price of this course is 450€. A reduced registration fee of 360€ is applied for early registrations (20 days before the opening of the course).

Price: 450.00€

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