Seismic Oceanography: Echoes from the Ocean


The Seismic Oceanography course consists in a general overview for Masters and Ph.D. Students. The course will cover topics such as the sizes and scales of observable features in the ocean, concepts of acoustic wave propagation, acquisition, source frequency content and vertical and horizontal resolution. Concepts of digital signal processing will be introduced with in-class practical demonstrations.

Programme information: 

Monday morning (Introduction):
Introduction to Seismic Reflection Profiling
Usage in Physical Oceanography
Structures and Processes amenable to seismic detection
Introduction to digital signal processing of seismic data
Introduction to complementary oceanographic tools

Monday Afternoon (Introduction):
Seismic Wave Propagation in the Solid Earth and Oceans
Ocean Dynamics
Mediterranean Outflow Water example

Tuesday Morning (theoretical):
Seismic data processing
Pre-stack processing and analysis

Tuesday Afternoon (theoretical):
Stacking and Migration
Noise reduction

Wednesday Morning (practical + details of Tuesday):
Practical session of seismic data processing with Globe Claritas
Raw data inspection and preparation
Identification of main features and bad trace editing
Application of acquisition geometry
Identification and attenuation of direct wave
Bandpass filter
Constant velocity application
Sorting to CDP domain
Inspection of CDP gathers

Wednesday Afternoon (practical + details of Tuesday):
NMO correction
Velocity Analysis and refining of stacking velocities
NMO correction and re-stacking
conversion of NMO velocities to interval velocities
Time to depth conversion
Coherency filtering (smoothing)
Plotting/3D Visualization

Thursday Morning
Overview of Seismic Data Processing done on Wednesday

Thursday Afternoon
Visualization and Interpretation with OpendTect

Friday Morning
Focus on Interpretation using OpendTect and Globe Claritas
Which areas of the oceans are most interesting?
Structures and Processes
SO? What can we learn?
The oceans and the climate

Friday Afternoon
Open question time

Past course editions: 

2016 - June

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9:00-12:30 / 14:00-17:30, Monday to Friday


Institut de Ciències del Mar

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Special requirements: 

Ideally, each student would have a laptop or Desktop with Ubuntu 14.04, Globe Claritas and OpendTect pre-installed.

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For additional information, contact the program coordinator at


Full price of this course is 450€. A reduced registration fee is applied for early registrations (45 days before the opening of the course).

Price: 450.00€

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