Intensive hands-on course on metagenomic data processing

Programme information: 

Working with high throughput sequencing data
- exploring and checking your data
- filtering data
- bash tools to work with high throughput sequencing data

Metagenomics with unassembled reads
- taxonomic classification of reads
- mTags
- read classifiers (Kraken, Kaiju...)
- functional classification of reads (prokka, blast, diamond...)
- functional annotation databases

Metagenomics with assembled reads
- Assembly (& assemblers)
- Gene prediction
- Other feature predictions (tRNA, CRISPRs)
- Reducing gene redundancy (gene catalog for a metagenomics experiment)
- mapping reads to gene catalog
- building gene/function abundance tables (eXpress, salmon): summarizing, normalization

Course dates: 

Monday, August 14, 2017 to Friday, August 18, 2017

No edition programmed


Institut de Ciències del Mar


This course has been organized by request of the participants and thus not open for registration. Please see our <a href="courses-demand">"Courses on demand"</a> section.

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