Gasol, Josep

I am interested in planktonic microbe abundance and activity, and their ecosystem effects. This implies the study of the factors that regulate the abundance of planktonic microorganisms and those that regulate microorganism community structure (size, functional and taxonomical structure), and how the physical changes in the marine environment (macro-, meso – and microscale structures) affect these parameters. As an example, how predation and resource availability regulate bacteria abundances, bacterial use of DOC, and how they regulate the composition of the microbial "black box" in terms of size structure, metabolic characteristics of the community, and phylogenetic composition. This is approached by empirical analysis of data bases of organism abundance, growth and loss rates, generated mainly in cruises; by mesocosm and microcosm experiments; and by the combined use of image analysis and flow cytometry and metabolic fluorescent probes. Lately, I have also been interested in the functional aspects of diversity: how diversity and ecosystem functioning are linked, what is the functional relevance of functional gene diversity, etc.

My main workplace is the ocean, with special interest in the Microbial Observatory of Blanes Bay. But I have always enjoyed working in lakes and any other water bodies which are also nice study sites.

Other than these mundane things, I like mountains, wildlife, photography, guitar playing and singing, particularly folk music, and I enjoy doing all these things with my kids!

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